Market volatility is driving investors crazy, everyone seems
unhappy with almost everything (government, Wall Street, you name it). It is
enough to make me think people need to take a deep breath, exhale, and pause
for a moment.

We did not name our business Capstone by random assignment
or dart throwing. A capstone is a crowning achievement, a finishing touch if
you will.  If you
have carved out a meaningful life, our belief was that careful management of
your assets could improve your life (expanding your freedom and allowing you
time to allot to chosen goals).

It seems like people in the U.S. are currently concerned
only about jobs, money, taxes, and real estate. These are not the items which
comprise a meaningful life in and of themselves. The World Database of
shows the United States ranked 20th in happiness.  The World Health Organization ranks us 37th
in health care. We rank 14th in education, according to a recent
OECD study. We are at best in the middle of the pack for homicide rates around
the world.


Shouldn’t we put some of our focus on improving these areas?
Wouldn’t that help us lead more satisfying and meaningful lives? There is still
a lot of wealth in our country and a pretty decent standard of living compared
to most around the globe. Perhaps a deep breath and a grateful nod to our
abundance could be useful every once in a while?