Thoughts on the Market

To say the least, it has been quite a year and we still have 4 months to go.  From the fastest bear market decline in history (a drop of 20% or more for recent high), to a market bottoming in late March, to an ongoing market rally that I think has surprised even the...

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Three Smart Ways to Give to Charity

by Ryan Turbyfill Charities and Non-Profits fill a much-needed gap left by the Government and Public Sector to provide needs for Human Services, Education, Religion and so much more.  Below are a couple of interesting graphs on the Rise of US Giving and sectors of US...

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My Two Passions

By Ryan Turbyfill, MBA I was talking with Ted Schwartz last week about Capstone's next article and we discussed how investing and financial planning are a lot like training for an endurance racing event.  As some of you may know, one of my great passions outside of...

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