Colorado PERA Employee

Colorado PERA Retirement

PERA provides retirement benefits to public employees in the state of Colorado.

Are you a current or former Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA) employee? If you are still working, approaching retirement, or are currently retired and need guidance navigating the options that PERA gives an advisor at Capstone can help. PERA has options beyond the defined benefit plan (pension) you may be familiar with that provide an efficient way to help you save for retirement, however, some of the options may be a better fit for you than others depending on your time horizon and income level.

Still working as a PERA employee?
• Should I be saving additional funds for retirement? If so, should I take advantage of the 401K, the Roth 401K, or the 457?
• What is the maximum I could be contributing to an additional retirement savings plan?
• What investment options should I consider that matches my risk tolerance and time horizon?
• What are the costs and benefits of buying PERA years?

Approaching retirement?
• How do my PERA benefits interplay with my other retirement savings or benefits?
• What is the most strategic way to fund my retirement if I have an additional PERA 401K, Roth 401K, or 457?
• Should I think about rolling over my 401K, Roth 401K, or 457 into an IRA or Roth IRA after retirement?
• I will qualify for Social Security benefits as well, how does this work with PERA?

Already retired?
• How can I organize my spending to align with my PERA benefits?
• How can my additional savings be used to supplement my PERA retirement benefits?
• Is it a good idea to convert IRA money to a Roth?

If you are looking for more clarity in regard to your PERA benefits or options or simply need a bit more strategy we can help. Give us a call or email to make an appointment.