What we offer


Capstone Investment Financial Group is a fee based asset management organization that offers a comprehensive solutions to their clients retirement and wealth building needs:

  • Investments: We offer active portfolio management at Capstone. We do not simply subscribe to a buy-and-hold methodology involving stocks, bonds, and cash. For both those in the accumulation phase and, most especially, for those in the decumulation stage, we actively manage your portfolio to take advantage of market opportunities. We are focused on total returns, rather than on market-based returns. We utilize a full complement of traditional products, including stocks, mutual funds, CDs, ETFs, variable annuities, separate accounts, government and corporate bonds, etc. We also offer a number of alternative investments (i.e., other types of assets often having low correlations to stocks, bonds, and cash), which are incorporated in our investment plans.
  • Income for Life Solutions: There are times when products, such as fixed annuities, can be part of an income solution for those who are creating an income stream for their “restylement years” (a more active and engaged time than old-fashioned retirement). We may recommend immediate and deferred annuities to help you deal with longevity risk, though we do not offer these products directly. The portion of your portfolio that might be appropriate for such a product is determined individually by your unique situation.
  • Risk Management: We help you analyze their needs and implement a plan to reduce risks to their financial future. These include life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and health savings accounts (HSAs). Again, if a product such as life insurance is valuable in protecting your plan, we individually determine how much insurance might be appropriate and whether term, universal, variable universal, or whole life presents the best solution.
  • Retirement Planning: In addition to working with our clients who are in the accumulation phase of their life, we work with employers in developing, implementing, and monitoring retirement vehicles. These include defined contribution plans such as:
    • SIMPLEs
    • SEPs
    • Individual 401(k)s
    • Group 401(k)s
    • and 403(b)s for non-profit groups

We also offer defined benefit plans, geared to creating larger deductions for the high earners.

  • Fee-Based Planning: We offer you consultation, financial planning, and managed asset accounts.
  • Educational and Referral Services: We see ourselves as a copilot in your financial life. As such, we offer an array of educational opportunities and services (newsletters, seminars, individual meetings, etc.), as you proceed on your financial journey. When you have specialized needs (taxes, estate planning, etc.), we will be glad to assist you in finding a skilled professional.