Account Information


The TD Ameritrade web site allows you to access your TD Ameritrade Trade Confirmations, Monthly Statements, along with current holdings and values for your TD Ameritrade account. This is the place were older (than August 2013) TD Ameritrade Statements be accessed. The TD Ameritrade Web Site can be accessed at

Blueleaf LogoBlueLeaf is our Portfolio Reporting Software that provides a summary of your account values from TD Ameritrade and from other accounts if you have them. Portfolio Performance Reports can be run for any time as you desire. Blueleaf offers a weekly e-mail summary that provides a concise update of your account balances for the past week. Also, if you want to learn more about your investment holdings, you can access the Morningstar financial database that is linked to Blueleaf. Under the holdings section you can click the blue symbol for the investment.

Sharefile LogoSharefile provides Capstone client accessible document storage and secure communication. Starting in August 2013, your monthly TD Ameritrade statements are automatically uploaded within 1 week of month end. Quarterly Reports will be uploaded to the Blueleaf section with 10 days of the quarter end. The document storage capability Sharefile enables Capstone to securely post reports and financial planning data to your unique portal. Sharefile also allows for your important documents (i.e. Will, Trust Documents) to be uploaded to the site for quick off-site access.

If you have any immediate questions, please e‐mail or call.