We value the deep trust our clients place in us, especially in the face of challenging circumstances. A poignant example is our work with a valued client who is navigating the complexities of dementia. This situation goes beyond financial management—it’s about human connection and extending care well beyond the numbers.

Our client, once fiercely independent, now faces significant challenges as dementia has begun to affect her day-to-day life. With no family nearby, her dedicated friends and her Power of Attorney (POA) have stepped in to provide essential support. Despite occasional combativeness, a common symptom of dementia, she continues to trust the Capstone team deeply.

In response, we have taken comprehensive steps to protect her financial health and ensure her ongoing comfort and security. We’ve streamlined her finances, established safeguards against potential exploitation, and ensured that all financial activities are transparently reported to her POA. These actions alleviate financial stress, allowing her support network to focus on her well-being.

At Capstone, we believe in preserving dignity and providing peace of mind, reinforcing our commitment to compassionate and comprehensive client care. Through thoughtful and dedicated service, we continue to support our client, ensuring her financial safety during this challenging time. 

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