By Bill Sigrist, Operations Manager

Some 1099 tax forms for non-IRAs were made available as early as late January 2022. In many cases non-IRA 1099’s may be posted mid to late February into early March.

TD Ameritrade will be posting additional 1099’s online on February 4th and February 11th. Forms will be mailed to clients within five business days of posting online for those who are not setup for Electronic Delivery of tax documents.

Due to regulation changes over the past few years, tax documents for non-IRA accounts are now generally sent out later than in previous years. Unfortunately, this is an issue Capstone Investment does not have any control over.

Most custodians, like TD Ameritrade, are now burdened with this concern. In the past, custodians would send out 1099 documents early, only to be forced to submit Corrected 1099’s as additional information came in from various companies, mutual funds, etc.  Custodians have since delayed sending tax documents to avoid having to send corrected tax forms to clients who have filed using incorrect tax information.

Typically, this is not an issue for IRAs since 1099-R’s only reflect withdrawals. However, due to this, you may receive your IRA 1099-R several weeks before your non-IRA account 1099 is available.  If corrections are needed, they will start after March 3rd.

To view your tax documents online:

Please go to, then click on Documents, then Tax Documents, then the desired account.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your access or if you are setup for electronic delivery of tax documents, please contact Bill Sigrist at or direct at 719-387-4529.

Please note the Tax Forms are not available through Blueleaf.

We appreciate our clients and want to make sure you are made aware of the release dates of these important documents.

Thanks again,

Capstone Investment