I have learned that I do my best at something when I have a plan and I practice. To start you have to have a philosophy, an idea or belief about your financial plan that you live by.

When I sat for the Chartered Financial Analyst examination, there are three, I would get the syllabus, practice questions and practice exams and lay them out and create a calendar of what and when I was going to complete each task. My philosophy was that if they recommend studying 250 hours for the exam, then I should plan from January to June to get in 250 hours of studying with leeway in case something comes up. And that is what I did. Each week I would whip out my agenda and follow what I needed to get accomplished that week.

Having a plan is crucial. What ever we do. It is especially important when it comes to our personal finances.

There is a great deal of leeway in choosing a financial plan and implementing it.

How can you find a plan that is right for you?

By James Cornehlsen, CFA

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