Many people believe that doing well, or simply doing the right thing means losing out or under-performing.

Realistically, this is not the case.

Those who are ardently determined to do well are often willing to give up a bit of a return. This has led mainstream investors away from doing well while investing. We believe both can be achieved through the selection of smart investments.

The Merging of Financial Investments and Humanitarianism

At Capstone, doing well means managing two strategies: the MaxBalanced Sustainable portfolio and the Equality Funds, Inc. strategy. These two investment approaches promote positivity by improving the environment and giving all individuals equal rights in the workplace despite sexual orientation, respectively.

By having a dual purpose of doing well and offering favorable returns, the lines are blurring between philanthropy and investing.

Recently, an article titled Impact Investing Done Right was published on Barron’s that discusses how the lines are being obscured.

In the article, author Robert Milburn cites a study conducted by San Francisco-based KL Felicitas Family Foundation that found companies that obsessively took care of the environment and/or their employees were more likely to outperform more conventional firms over extended periods of time.

Financial Matchmaking: Aligning Your Investments with Your Values

Consequently, there is a way to coordinate your investments so that they not only promote greater returns, but support your personal values and interests.

Investing in philanthropic areas that generate an impact are actually proving to be wise choices after all.

Millennials may be leading the charge in pursuing investments that influence society, but many of these individuals are anticipating their older generations to follow suit and do well by the environment and of each other in order to combat current issues and redeem greater returns over time.

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