There are many life-changing events that can affect a woman’s financial wellbeing, sense of security, and overall plan for the future. I, personally, have always planned (and saved) for the future, knowing in the back of my mind that circumstances could change at any time, but never expecting they actually would. My financial foundation and 30 solid years of investment planning that I relied upon for my day-to-day and my future seemed to be in danger of crumbling when late in life my marriage abruptly ended. Whether it’s a divorce or the death of a spouse, being alone to accept and manage a new life, a new plan and a new way of life can be daunting to say the least.  

The Capstone Investment Financial Group did not let me deal with my new reality alone. They have been my financial planning experts for years. And from the very first video call after my newfound situation, I saw the Capstone team poised to dive in and help me understand what my new financial position was and how it was going to work for me moving forward. Ryan and Lindsey put together my Financial Fingerprint™ that considered every now-cut-in-half investment, projected values to every year moving forward, considered trends, and showed me exactly what I can count on (and what I can’t) as I manage the budget I created for myself and my future. 

The Financial Fingerprint gave me incredible information, every screen and every line showing me how all this was going to work…for me. I understood that if I followed my budget and stayed on course, I would have a certain amount of money year after year to a certain “projected” age. They encouraged adjustments to my budget, ones that would allow me to save each month, which in turn prompted them to adjust the Financial Fingerprint, giving me even more financial flexibility for my future. Seeing everything spelled out so specifically gave me the peace of mind I needed. I now feel empowered, and I feel confident that I can take care of myself, knowing that even though I can’t see the numbers as they do or figure out how certain values today translate to future earnings, I will be okay. 

I have used the Financial Fingerprint to discuss financials with my attorney, and I have also used it with my accountant, discussing ways to protect assets when it comes to decisions that could affect taxes. I know as needs come up, the Financial Fingerprint can be adjusted, reflecting my fluctuating financial needs. These invaluable spreadsheets and screenshots have been the “proof” of present and future stability I have needed at a time that I have had other important life issues to deal with at the same time. Financial planning and the clarity that comes from Capstone’s guidance and Financial Fingerprint have allowed me to push forward and carve out a new direction for my life with confidence. 

N.S., Capstone client

This testimonial was provided by a current client.  There was no cash or non-cash compensation provided for this comment.  There are no known conflicts of interest on the part of the clients who provided this testimonial.  

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