Restylement \rē stīle ment\ verb : an instance of reshaping or rearranging what you do and how you do it. Often referring to life and taking into account the time you have, money, and significance. — see also take control, change directions, retire, choose your own path.


By Ryan Turbyfill, MBA Financial Advisor


For many that have been clients of Capstone for a while are familiar with Restylement.  For those that haven’t or wonder how it affects them, their loved ones and their future, let’s explore.

There are now many views of how someone can restyle their life; for their well-being, family, college education, second home, travel, or simply relaxation. We see our role as your financial advisor on how we help you financially prepare your restylement to do what you love with people, purpose and passion you desire.

Traditionally, this would be working for a company for decades, then “restyling” in your mid 60’s into a long retirement, many times funded by a pension.  For some, this is still the case and getting to their ideal restylement, how will their 401k, pension and social security all work together?

For an increasing many, times have changed, and restylement may look different.

What if you are still in your 30’s or 40’s, ready to get out of your corporate job, start your own company or work for smaller firm without a retirement plan?  How much do you need set aside to make the leap and how do you continue to save for the future to do a job you’d look forward to every day?

Maybe you see Restylement for your kids so that they can get an education you weren’t able to afford or help them do so without large student debt.  Is a 529 the best path and how do you save for your own Restylement along with your kids?

Do you love what you do, but are ready to scale back your practice to work fewer days per week or give up some overtime pay?  You want to do this so that you can spend more time with family, travel, or volunteer.  What does that look like with the cash flow you have and how can you adjust to accommodate this?  We can help.

We are here to help plan and invest according to your risk and your goals of Restylement, however that looks in your life. Our new program, Financial Fingerprint, helps us design the path forward in an easy to view format that we can go over and update along the way to help you Restyle for the people, purpose and passion in your life.


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