When it comes to preparing clients for a fruitful retirement, Professor Dr. Hans Becker, CEO of Humanitas Foundation in the Netherlands has a unique outlook.

“Apartments for Life” is a Dutch senior housing community that was developed and driven by Dr. Becker and the Humanitas Foundation in the mid-90s. The initial concept behind the community was generated in response to an overabundance of elderly individuals demanding an alternative to old-style nursing homes and hostels. Many of these individuals wanted to continue living independently and remain in their own communities for as long as they could, even if their health was failing and their mobility was limited.

For Dr. Becker, the wellbeing of the residents, or “clients” as he calls them is broken down into several basic values:

  • Exercise a “yes culture”
  • Use it or lose it
  • Be the boss of your own life

At Capstone, we demonstrate a similar model when it comes to handling your finances and helping you reach your goals. Our idea of restylement incorporates these same values to help you get a handle on your financial wellbeing and gives you the tools necessary to live the life you want.

Creating a “Yes Culture” for your Clients

To best understand the “yes culture” of our clients, we first must understand the most important elements of theirs lives. At “Apartments for Life”, when it comes to reasonable resident requests, Humanitas provides. This is Becker’s “yes culture” — a recurring term that implies individuals should focus on what is still working, rather than what isn’t, and to make the best use of it. At Capstone, we encourage our clients to evaluate what is financially working in their lives and how small tweaks can provide a more beneficial outcome.

Utilizing Your Resources Constructively

The second value Dr. Becker’s organization focuses on is “use it or lose it,” a philosophy that reflects on personal strength and the belief that overprovision in terms of elderly care is more damaging than the effects of under provision. As a result, residents are challenged to exercise their independence and do as much as they possibly can for themselves. Giving them the power to make the decisions that will firmly impact their lifestyle leads to individualized experiences and higher customer satisfaction.

Designating Yourself as the Driver

According to Dr. Becker, individual freedom can be achieved by rejecting the idea of conventional home care. “People there are patronized,” he states. Instead of focusing on illness and degeneration that often leads to people feeling robbed of their independence, he believes his clients should instead focus on obtaining a sense of empowerment. The core message behind “Apartments for Life” is to listen to what people want and focus all efforts on making it happen.

As individuals are continuously changing their personal and financial lifestyles, it is important to understand both why and how one wants to live in order to organize a strategy to make it a reality.