There seems to be ever increasing rancor in our public arena. Investments seem to be more volatile with likely lower returns in the near future. People seem to all be, as per the famous line in Network, “mad as h*** and not going to take it anymore.” It is easy to get caught up in the dissonance and white noise that seems to permeate our lives.

Yet, at every Thanksgiving, there is so much to be thankful for and to reflect upon. Despite the difficult moment we now live in, our lives are filled with riches that deserve to be appreciated. Bad times do not take away our capacity as humans to interact with each other in meaningful ways. We also get to enjoy nature’s bounties and those riches created by man. We take so many things for granted now that are wonderful enhancements to our lives that did not exist at the dawn of the previous century. The personal ability to interact with people all over the globe at little or no cost, the ability to carry the equivalent of a library in the palm of our hands, etc. We maintain all of the centuries old abilities to love and cherish, to reflect on the meaning of life, and to live in community as social beings.

This year we need to carry the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the entire year rather and not just a day. It will be its own reward both for yourself and those who are important parts of your life.