Real Estate Agent

Realtors face unique financial challenges. Having a long history in real estate and years developing a strategy, Ryan Turbyfill, is focused on Realtors, in particular, to help them achieve their financial security.

There are six common questions that come up when working with Realtors in particular.

1) My firm doesn’t offer a retirement plan, is an IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE, or Individual 401K best for me?
2) What are strategies to save on taxes since I am a 1099’d business?
3) Commissions provide an uneven flow of income, how do I plan for the short, mid, and long term?
4) How do other sources of income (rentals) fit into my financial picture?* (CIFG does not give advice on real estate investing)
5) Since I know real estate, how do I mix investing in that into my financial picture?
6) How am I going to meet my financial goals?

If any of these sounds familiar, you’re in good hands with Ryan as your Financial Advisor. Feel free to give him call or send an email to see how he can help.

*(CIFG does not give advice on real estate investing)