Non Profit

The nonprofit world can be a tricky one when considering the inherent financial instability that comes with the territory. As the economy experiences periods of growth and contraction it can have an impact on the availability of grants and donations along with the organization’s investments. One of the resources many nonprofits don’t often think about is the help of a financial advisor. When, in fact, a financial advisor can help an organization really focus on fulfilling the organization’s purpose by creating a financial plan that guides an organization through that instability.

When a nonprofit delegates financial planning responsibilities to a professional it allows the organization to focus on its purpose by collaborating with a professional the task of integrating the spending and investing policies with the mission.

As a comprehensive financial planner, Capstone, has experience working with nonprofit organizations in a number of capacities. We not only provide investment management of endowments, but we also have experience with providing the infrastructure for planned giving programs and spending plans. We partner with organizations to manage charitable gifts in a way that serves the mission by having a responsive working relationship.

As a partner, Capstone strives to understand your priorities which might be the need for current income, managing campaigns such as a capital or endowment campaigns and discuss options to help you with your current priority using care and research to help you make a good decision.

By working with an advisor at Capstone, it releases your organization to do what you do best. Feel free to send us an email or call to schedule an appointment to explore how Capstone can help you and your organization excell at what you do best.