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Is Climbing the “Wall of Worry” Still an Option?

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By Ted Schwartz, CFP® From March of 2009 until 2015, the stock market climbed a “wall of worry”, rising dramatically throughout the six-year period. In the wake of the strongest financial crisis since the Great Depression, we experienced great unknowns as we embarked on unprecedented government policies to stimulate the economy. This process was a slow recovery, as banks wereRead the Rest…

FLOW: Volume 3 – Taking the Financial Plunge into High Dividend Funds

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In our most recent series written by Jamie Cornehlsen, Denver CFA and founder of Capstone, FLOW examines how we seek out investments and make selections based on current market trends and future forecasts. Part three of our series evaluates how increasing risk and investing in high dividend funds can generate an increase in cash flow over time. Below is my experience in finding anRead the Rest…

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