James “Jamie” Cornehlsen


I started my first business with two friends during the Middle East oil embargo in 1979. I was young, but who could resist a cup of coffee or a donut while waiting in line to purchase gas?  My second endeavor is Capstone, specializing in helping clients plan for their financial future.

My focus now is on helping business owners with their most significant asset, their business. I help them get Vision, Traction, and Healthy by implementing a complete proven system of simple practical tools.

I am married to Elizabeth, a schoolteacher by trade, but joined me at Capstone when her exactness for detail was most needed.

I enjoy disciplining myself in business and athletic competition, competing in triathlons and aquathlons. Because I am late to biking, I enjoying the swimming and running much more. Sometimes when I am on a long bike ride, I will do anything to ditch the bike and get off, but the disciplined process and determination keeps me going. This is what I find helps me succeed in business as well.

I co-authored “Conquering the Divide: How to Use Economic Indicators to Catch Stock Market Trends”

I am a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization, serving on the board as accelerator and membership chair. I served as the past president of the CFA Society of Colorado. I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, an MBA from the University of Rochester, William E. Simon School of Business and the CFA designation.