Bill Sigrist



At Capstone Investment, Bill works in the Client Services division as well as participates on Capstone’s Investment Committee. He works closely with our clients and advisors to meet time-sensitive obligations and provide support across all aspects of the advisor/client relationship and business operations.

Before joining Capstone, Bill received his undergraduate degree in engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and received his MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with an emphasis in finance. He later worked in the remote visual and ultrasonic testing field as a technical sales engineer. Leaning on his acute sense of detail from his engineering background, his excellent relationship management skills from his client service roles, and his financial savvy, he provides the oil that makes Capstone run so smoothly.

In addition to working at Capstone in the Client Services Division as well as participating on Capstone’s investment committee, Bill also is currently the Treasurer of the Southern Colorado Financial Planning Association.

Outside of Capstone, Bill is happily married to his wife Nina, and they have had the privilege of calling Colorado Springs home since 1994. He is a proud father of four kids (and four dogs) which keep he and Nina about as busy as you can imagine. Come to think of it, Bill should pitch he and his family’s daily interactions to NBC as a sit-com and call the show “Four by Four.” When he has the time, he enjoys fishing, skiing, and camping with his family. Also, for all the avid hockey lovers out there, keep an eye out for Bill and his kids cheering on the Colorado College’s Tigers.

With his wealth of experience in the financial services industry and family life, Bill brings a tangible value to the team and an intangible value that represents Capstone.