Social Security

Are you approaching retirement and confused about your Social Security benefits? Could you use some planning advice, perhaps a strategy on when to start taking it? While many people get no advice about an integral part of retirement planning – Social Security – Capstone advisors consistently integrate Social Security benefits into the financial plans of our clients. We recognize that it is important to the whole retirement picture and think it is beneficial to include it.

It is important to look at your different options with Social Security because those choices can have long-term effects and it is helpful to have a professional look at those choices with you. Sometimes it is a matter of maximizing income while minimizing taxes and other times it is about return on life (RoL). Capstone advisors assist in exploring how to align your Social Security benefits with your values.

If you are approaching retirement age and want to have a conversation concerning how Social Security benefits fit into your retirement funding give Capstone a call.