What You Will Really Spend in Retirement

In speaking with clients, I have noticed that most find it hard to conceptualize how much they will spend in retirement. To get a better idea of an actual number, my associate, Ted Schwartz conveys the following concept to clients. To begin, think about your...

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Restylement, So Far

All wet and warm Not ten miles away Approaching My Mexican home John Prine, Mexican Home   By Ted Schwartz Well, some of my best friends love golf. I can sort of understand it and believe you should pursue it if that is your passion. Golf is just not in my genes and...

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Adjusting Your Portfolio as You Age

As you approach retirement, it may be time to pay more attention to investment risk. Provided by Capstone Investment Financial Group If you are an experienced investor, you have probably fine-tuned your portfolio through the years in response to market cycles or in...

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