Portfolio Reporter - Pic for SiteThe Portfolio Reporter is a newsletter providing a portfolio manager’s insight into the economy and the impact on the stock market.

Archived Issues

January 2017If You Don’t Like How Things Are… Just Wait

April 2016: The Market Is Going to Crash!

December 2015: Optimism Unperturbed

November 2015: Thinking Like an Alligator!

October 2015: Reality Knocked Hard!

September 2015Sale or Loss Aversion…What is it?

August 2015No Inflation a Good Thing

July 2015: Going Nowhere Fast!

June 2015: Math Does Not Add Up!

February 2015: Are You Funded for Retirement?

January 2015: Lethargy of Real Final Sales

December 2014: Focus on the Flow

November 2014: Right Mix of Investments

October 2014: Spoiled

September 2014: Five Thousand Two Hundred Eighty-Nine

August 2014: Hidden Calamity!

July 2014: Prince Charming is Here, Have No Fear!

June 2014: Few Will be Ready, Few Will be Prepared. Will You?

May 2014: Looking Like an Old Fuddy-Duddy

April 2014: Just a Pause

March 2014: Attribution of Returns in 2013

February 2014: How Much Can I Withdraw in Retirement?

January 2014: The Risk Versus the Return You Choose

December 2013: Economic Growth and Population Age

November 2013: Inflation, CPI and the Big Mac: A Bite of Reality

October 2013: Market Valuation and Inflation: Clues From the Big Mac

September 2013: Let the Dust Settle

August 2013: Inflation Disparity

July 2013: A New Growth Market?

June 2013: The Train Is Not Leaving Without You

May 2013: Something For Everyone

April 2013: Take Advantage of Opportunities When You Have Them

March 2013: Top Heavy Earnings Growth

February 2013: Federal Reserve Makes Poor Decisions

January 2013: Change How Individuals Invest

January 2013: Outlook 2013

December 2012: The Big Mac and Your Financial Health

November 2012: Slides – Tax Changes 2013

October 2012: Stock Prices & NFL Replacement Referee’s Blown Call

September 2012: Too Much of a Good Thing

August 2012: A Tale of Two Economies

July 2012: The Tortoise and the Hare

June 2012: Living on Borrowed Time

May 2012: Income Shock

April 2012: Bernanke Bounce

March 2012: Chicken Little

February 2012: Balancing on a High Wire

January 2012: Year in Review

November 2011: Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

October 2011: Recessions: A Succession of Events

September 2011: Risk Intensifies

August 2011: Stock Market Catches Up to the Economy

July 2011: Performance Attribution

June 2011: Economic Divide