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Proceeding December 2014 the articles were written by Ted Schwartz then affiliated with Capstone Investment Financial Group, Inc., which was later purchased by Dunn Warren Investment Advisors, LLC, and renamed as Capstone Investment Financial Group, LLC starting in 2015.

ABCNews.com October 18, 2015 The Reward of Investing in Quality Dividend Companies

ABCNews.com September 17, 2015 Rise of Robo-Advisors Brings Challenges, Opportunities for Consumers

ABCNews.com August 25, 2015 The Pros and Many Cons of Variable Annuities

ABCNews.com April 21, 2015 The Perils of Investing Based on Past Performance of Stocks

ABCNews.com January 16, 2015 Ignore the Investing Gurus in 2015 — and Every Other Year

ABCNews.com December 30, 2014 How to Achieve Return on Life From Your Working Years

ABCNews.com September 30, 2014 Weigh the Downsides of Tying Up Your Money

ABCNews.com June 3, 2014 Why You Need to Know Your Net Worth

ABCNews.com March 25, 2014 Beware the Back-Test Investment Kings and Their Perfect Hindsight

ABCNews.com February 18, 2014 How Impact Investing Can Earn Returns, Peace of Mind

ABCNews.com February 3, 2014 Good Debt, Bad Debt: How to Tell the Difference

ABCNews.com September 24, 2013 What Investors Must Know About Risk and Return

ABCNews.com June 28, 2013  Playing ‘What If’ With Your Instruments

ABCNews.com June 18, 2013  How the Fed Will Wean America From Cheap Money

ABCNews.com March 25, 2013  Active Versus Passive Investing: Should You Try to Beat the Market?

ABCNews.com January 22,2013 Dividends:Take the Money and Run

ABCNews.com December 13, 2012 Top Questions for Advisors

ABCNews.com November 20,2012 This Increasingly Automated Economy

ABCNews.com October 15, 2012 Muni Bond Scare

ABCNews.com July 26,2012 Myths about Bonds

ABCNews.com June 12, 2012 Risky Strategies

ABCNews.com May 22, 2012 When and When Not to Get Insurance 

ABCNews.com April 12, 2012 Why the Slowest Investors Win the Race

ABCNews.com Feb. 29, 2012 Riding the Bond Bull – With a Helmet


Linked in January 26, 2015 Projecting Stock Market Growth is Similar to Predicting the Super Bowl Outcome


Colorado Springs Business Journal December 29, 2014 Taking a Closer Look at the Real Benefits of Wealth

Colorado Springs Business Journal September 30, 2014 Weigh the Downsides of tying up your Money

Colorado Springs Business Journal July 10, 2014 How much will you need to enjoy your retirement?

Colorado Springs Business Journal May 30, 2014 Why you should know your net worth before retiring

Colorado Springs Business Journal April 24, 2014 Working together to improve individual’s 401(k) plans

Colorado Springs Business Journal March 27, 2014 Beware of making 20/20 hindsight moves

Trib LIVE – Buying Stock in 49ers Vernon Davis March 25, 2014 Ted Schwartz is quoted

Lessons for Retail Investors from Facebook’s Wobbly IPO May 22, 2012 – A discussion with Ted Schwartz

Colorado Springs Gazette July 22, 2011 – An interview with Ted Schwartz


White Papers – Financial themed papers put out by Capstone

The Tortoise and The Hare A Study in Volatility