The goal of the MaxBalanced strategy is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns.

Investor Profile

An investor using this strategy seeks preservation of capital with some exposure to equity.

Fund Strategy

MaxBalanced was inspired by the University Endowment Model. The Portfolio is designed to offer investors improved risk management techniques and broad diversification.

The strategy is super diversified, with an entire world of investable assets available to build our portfolios – including 7 major and 12 sub-asset classes.

MaxBalanced offers a tactical, disciplined, and rules-based risk management process to seek capital preservation in poor markets. In addition, MaxBalanced provides worldwide opportunities for stability and growth.

Stock Selection Process

The MaxBalanced SM Fund may invest in small, medium or large domestic stocks, as well as international stocks — developed or emerging; US bonds, including TIPS; non-US bonds; currencies; real estate; natural resources and commodities, as well as absolute return strategies.